Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He's back...

Tall Boy.

I had to look back in email and blog history to figure out exactly how long it had been...but one thing I hadn't forgotten about him was his liking for America's favorite past time, baseball.

See, looking back in my blog history, I realize I never fully explained what happened with him (and if I did explain, I can't remember). In a nutshell, we had been on about five dates...we never kissed. One time, asking him how things were going, I was met with a "I have fun hanging out with you" response...only to be followed up a couple of weeks later with an instant message on my computer that said he didn't want to date anymore...Yup, my internet version of the Sex in the City episode where Carrie is broken up on a post-it.

I was initially shocked, and very frustrated...I BELIEVE I responded with a courteous "alright"..but I can't be too sure.

Fast forward to earlier this year:

The first vacation I had been on since having baby boy was to Florida for spring training. Ironically enough, even though it had been a couple of years since we had spoken, I thought of him.

The opening of a new MLB stadium in my city occurred in April. Ironically enough, even though it had been a couple of years since we had spoken, I thought of him.

Fast forward to a week and a half ago:

I'm the first person to admit I'm NOT technologically savvy. I was putzing around on an old email address of mine and BOOM, I discovered they had added a chat feature, AND I figured out how to activate (insert high five to self here).

...and what do ya know, Tall Boy was online.

(disclaimer: at one point, we used to be friends on facebook...but when I feel like I no longer want or need a person to see my personal happenings of facebook, I'll be the first to unfriend them...oh snap).

It started with a friendly message from me, about baseball, of course. We went on to do the generic "catching up" and have shared a few friendly chats here and there since.

Yesterday, he sent me a message that had to do with a comment on a different blog I write. He wanted to explain his perspective on dating a single parent. I was flattered he still kept up on my blog, but between you and me, I was equally sad that we had stopped dating and/or talking for the last couple of years. Besides dating back when he was fresh out of a divorce, he was open in expressing that he didn't know what he wanted or if he even wanted to date....and my heart slightly sank when, last week, he told me he still didn't know if he wanted to date....

I am a firm believer in timing. Is he the one for me? I haven't a clue. What I know is I still don't feel the two of us were given a fair chance (specifically by him...I digress). I also know that I'm still an awesome person, he'd be darn lucky to date me, and I'm still interested in him (but too afraid to admit it).

(insert deep sigh here).

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T said...

Yeah, big sigh...

Keep your chin up and enjoy having him back in your life with no expectations. The good news is that you have your friend back! :)