Monday, April 19, 2010

Coffee, anyone?

Insert jealous single girl HERE.

Well people, my close group of friends (read: two girls) have gone from single to in happened (what feels like) actuality, one started dating J in January, the other met and has become serious with a guy she met a week ago.

I'm happy for both of them but all I want to do is cry.

I have this huge issue where I feel like I NEED to be around people because I HATE feeling like I'm alone...and when you have single friends you find things to do together. However, when your single friends start dating #BOOM. You no longer have people to turn to for a spontaneous run to get coffee, or company whilst walking around a lake because said people are busy getting ready for dates, or entertaining their new men.

I guess you could say the next few weeks will be a time for me to readjust....but I'm fearful it will be an isolating time of readjustment...and I HATE isolation. The older I get, the more challenging it is to find people to hang out with...and the catch is, I don't want to find new people to hang out with...I am resistant to change. I want MY people back...but then again, that's a selfish and unfair expectation.

So, I'll go forward with my life. I'm happy for both of them...really, I am. I'll fake being happy for me and my situation until my adjustment period settles, and becomes my new normalcy.

Anyone want to meet me for coffee?


AirmanMom said...

sending hugs your way....

SS+1 said...

Thank you, AirmanMom. :)

p.s. my brother is now in Afghanistan, and as much discord as the two of us have shared, I sure do miss the hell out of him, and hope he returns home safely.

AirmanMom said...

it would be my honor to mail a package to your brother. feel free to e-mail me his address. (t20837atyahoodotcom) which branch does he serve, how long will he be deployed?
I will keep him in my prayers.