Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear B,

As crazy as this might sound, I put a lot of thought into our little chat yesterday.

What I've concluded? What will be, will be.

I know I can come off as an extremely strong personality (which is immediately off-putting), but I know I'm a great person.
I know I'm completely harmless.
I know I have a heart of gold.
I know why I want to get to know you (which I'm not comfortable fully disclosing that to you yet)
and I know I want to find out more.

If you want to take a walk sometime, or feel the need to venture out to 394 and Highway 100 for lunch (which happens to be where I work), that would be awesome. If not, I'm alright with that.

I, like you, believe things in life and the people you meet, happen for a reason.


I met a boy.

He's artsy, sexy, and I am intrigued by him. We crossed path's at a party last weekend. We talked a bit...and ironically enough after he left, a person asked me if we were together. I knew I was interested in him, but it wasn't until I was asked if we were together that I really gave him some thought.

We spoke online yesterday. I tried my hardest to not come off as crazy (key word: tried). See, I have zero patience to let things roll when I'm intrigued. Call it a flaw. Call it the reason why I'm single. Call it what you want.

My gut is telling me he's trouble, but I feel like that's one of a few reasons why I am so intrigued by him. Possibly my feelings are stemming from horrible old habits yearning for something even though I know it's bad for's just....he's just...ugh, bad, hot, mysterious, rugged...seriously.

During our conversation, I asked him if he wanted to meet up for lunch sometime. He responded by telling me he doesn't hang out with girls one on one. My heart skipped because I knew he was saying he "just wasn't into me"....but maybe I'm reading into it too much? Good lord, who knows.

...for now, patience and pushing him out of my head seems to be the only way I can internally resolve my intriguing feelings for him. (insert deep sigh here)


T said...

Hmmmm.... def sounds like a bad boy. A boy who's already with a girl. Or gay. Hmmm...

Sounds hot but also sounds like trouble. Why is trouble so intriguing?!?

SS+1 said...

Who knows what his deal is. I supposed if I can muster enough patience I'll find out sooner or later :)

Thank god it's Friday!!