Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Our conversations began online, back in the day where AOL was the only internet a household had...where you had to wait for the dialing, buzzing, weird noise of the modem followed by a computerized "Welcome."

He was the cousin of my brother's friend (ha, that sounds kind of funny to me, I digress). He had graduated from high school, and I had just finished my Junior year. He had his own car. He drove a crotchrocket. He was nice, and we shared many laughs...but we were just friends.

No handholding.
No romantic stuff.
Just friends.

I had never dated a boy, let alone, a boy had never been "into me." The closest thing I had come to male contact was the horrible first kiss from two years before.

We would go out to eat at Perkins. Hang out at his house. Drive around.

One night, he asked me if I wanted to drink with him...I had never been drunk before, so I was apprehensive, but eventually said I'd go along with it. The night began with a bottle of bacardi limon. The night ended with SEVERE spins, and from what I can remember, we messed around. It was mutual. No lines were crossed that didn't want to be crossed. It was fun, but I was so shy and inexperienced that I felt completely awkward after it happened. If you ask me, that was the beginning of the end of us.

See, we were both inexperienced. He had this ere of sarcasm that I found intriguing, but I also found it extremely difficult to read. After a while, I interpreted his sarcasm as him being too good for me. Towards the end of our summer together, our family discovered my mother had been having an affair. Shortly after that, I met my first actual boyfriend....and Crotchrocket faded out of the picture. I didn't think much of it at the time..I moved on, and was consumed with the life of senior in high school while trying to digest my first boyfriend, and my failed family.

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T said...

So... he's back? You're reconnecting?

Ahhh... history is fun, isn't it?