Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fool Me Once

Remember how I said Tall Boy was back in my life? Well, he is, was, er....crap. I just don't know. I KIND OF feel like I've been electronically emotionally duped.

See, we've been chatting online...a lot. Exchanged a few weekend texts. I've enjoyed our electronic dialogue...but SERIOUSLY, I can only handle so much "chatting" before I'm driven to insanity. So, I suggested we meet for lunch...he agreed, and the "lunch date" was set for Tuesday.

Tuesday at 10:15am, my phone alerts me to a new text message. Sure as dog poo, it was TB, texting to tell me he was "called into a last minute meeting, and wouldn't be able to do lunch, but wanted to reschedule for tomorrow." Fine. Whatever. I suppose I could make that I rescheduled for Wednesday.

Wednesday at 10am, again, my phone has a new text from TB. "I stayed home from work today, so I guess we'll have to reschedule.. :-("

I was annoyed. Really annoyed.

Enter the part when I don't want to be Miss Nice Pants....All I wanted to do was tell him off. He had gone to the Twins game last night. Ya know, the game against the Yankees where it started torrentially down the new OUTDOOR stadium. His tickets were in the third row behind the yankees dugout. I didn't feel bad for him that he was sick. Not an ounce of sympathy from this chick.

So, which text did I send?
  1. "I suppose having good tix to the twins in the down pouring rain would leave me sick too. I'll reschedule if you're buying"

  2. "feel better"

I'm a sucker. I sent #2.

I have the HARDEST time being rude....well...unless I'm dating you, then WHOA BOY I can be a snarky mcscnarkerson....And I wonder why I'm single! Srsly.

Shame on me for being fooled twice.

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