Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Dinner?

I feel guilty.
I feel happy.
I feel confused.

I met up with Crotchrocket last night. It was harmless, I promise. We each brought our children and met up for dinner at a local pizzeria (might I add, his daughter is ADORABLE). So there we were, the four of us.

He looked great. I felt fairly comfortable, and really want to get to know him more. (Enter the "but") BUT, I feel guilty. He has a girlfriend...ya know...the mother of his adorable child....the girlfriend that he bought a house with....Yeah. Am I going to hell for hanging out with him? Probably not (key word: probably).

Our time spent together is/was REALLY innocent. Laughing, enjoying life, smiling when the kids were cracking up, exchanging looks when the kids were naughty (read: me shooting him the "I give up" look when baby boy was being difficult. his little girl was darn near perfect).

I can't shake the feeling that hanging out with him is wrong (emotionally, not physically), because (at the risk of being cliche) it feels so right.

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