Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turning Back Tuesdays

Sorry for such a late post..I was a bit distracted most of the day, and instead of spending my time on the blogs, I was spending my time on facebook, staring at SoCo, and chatting the day away on gchat.

I want to mix this up a bit...but I'm not quite sure how, so I'm going to ask you a question..

What do you do when you are with a man, and his penis scares you? Specifically, it looks funky (skinny with an oddly large head) and has a rather large hook. I don't mean to be a penis discriminator, but I firmly believe there has to be a fair amount of physical attraction for a relationship to be successful.

This has only happened to me once in my life. I'm a fan of the penis, and then there was Ace. He was a guy I was working with..actually, the first guy from work that I actually tried dating (too bad I didn't learn my lesson, eh?). He had a fun personality, and was even a literal comedian...attending open mic nights at a bar in downtown. He made me laugh...but I'll be the first to admit that there wasn't a large amount of chemistry. Looking back, our relationship was strictly out of convenience.

One day, things were getting hot'n heavy, and WHAM! I saw his penis and it. was. scary. We never had sex..I couldn't do it.

A month later, he tried sleeping with another co-worker so things ended.

Yes people, I was low enough to call him out on his scary penis. I am most likely going to hell.

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doahleigh said...

Haha! I've actually never seen a scary penis. Those I've seen in real life have all been pretty normal. Hopefully it stays that way!