Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was in dire need of a self confidence booster. Having already hung up my dating shoes, I headed out to a Gretchen Wilson concert on Friday night.

I couldn't find any friends to go with, but I jumped on board with a coworker who had mentioned interest in going. We weren't close as co-workers. I was apprehensive, and almost cancelled...but I bucked up and went, telling myself "self, at least I'll have someone to stand next to..."

After spending Friday home from work, burning up my vacation time before the end of the year, my productive nature left me extremely excited to get out and have some mommy time. I drove to the concert alone. The plan was to meet my coworker and her friends there...they were coming from the opposite side of town.

OF COURSE a mini blizzard hit town, but that didn't freeze my fun spirited, excited attitude.

I found a spot in the parking lot, made my way inside, and found the girls. The entire show was general admission, so we found a spot that had a great view of the stage, settled in, and opened up tabs at the bar (which was conveniently 20 feet from where our spot was).

Waiting for the concert to start, I couldn't help but notice all of the hot men in cowboy hats. I wasn't anticipating seeing a lot of single guys at this fact, I was only expecting to see hot men with equally hot girls attached to their side.

Then, it happened.

I turned around, and saw him. He was standing alone, still wearing his coat. I kept glancing back to see if his girlfriend was coming back....and after ten minutes, he was still standing there drinking his miller lite, with his coat on.

I told the girls about him, but couldn't find the nerve within me to approach him. My mind was racing. What would I say? How would I do this? What if I get completely rejected? Shit.

I turned around, to check if he was still there, and he was gone. Crap, I had blown my chance.

Honestly, I was bummed. I really don't like living life with regrets, so the second I noticed he WASN'T gone*, I got extremely excited. Since I had been so bummed when I thought he had left. I knew I had to approach him, sooner than later. I slammed my beer, and when I was done with it, told the girls I would be back. I walked up to him, and on the ten second walk, was trying to brainstorm up what the hell I was going to say.

My line was weak.."Hi, can I ask you a question?" He replied with a cautious "sure." So I smoothly asked "What's your story?" I guess I wanted to cut straight to the point. Dating has made me slightly raw...I didn't feel the need to waste time. I confirmed that he wasn't there with his girlfriend, and was very excited to not only hear his thick southern accent, but to also find out he had come to the concert alone (which is KIND OF what I had done...). I invited him to come to where we were standing, selling my offer with a great view of the stage. He accepted my invite, and it was the beginning of an amazing night.

There aren't many things that can quiet me...but I quickly learned that a southern accent is one of them. Between his eyes and his accent, I was smitten. It was a Jerry McGuire moment...he had me at hello.

I didn't go to sleep until 6am that morning. The night ended with an amazing kiss.

I am proud of myself for a couple of reasons
  1. I swallowed my fears of rejection and initiated our conversation.
  2. I maintained a fantastic comfort level the entire night
  3. I belted out to Gretchen, even with SoCo (Southern Comfort) standing right next to me
  4. (this one is gonna sound like I'm a whore..) I didn't sleep with him...I only kissed him (and OH MY GOD I am still floating)
  5. I made it a point to tell him I would like to hang out again, and he said yes.
So today, Sunday December 7th, I am declaring myself single, happy, and a mama who still has it....maybe I won't be single for the rest of 08, maybe I will...but again...maybe I won't. Only time will tell!

(He better effin' call me dammit! hehe)

p.s. While we were talking the night away, SoCo actually let out a "day-gum"!! How incredibly sexy is that...can you see how I'm proud of myself for not ripping his clothes off right then and there?? Thanks!

*I realized he had never left...just taken his coat off, and moved to the wall where he could lean against something. Der.


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Mandy said...

Who can resist a cowboy with a southern accent. Swoon! Sounds great! I am so happy for you!

Matt said...

you didn't sleep with him?

you should have.

just kidding.

but not really.

AirmanMom said...

such a fun memory...good for you!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Julie said...

You go, girl!!!! He'll call. He'd better, dammit. Or we're all gonna kick some cowboy ass.

Narm said...

Hell yes - love hearing someone out there appreciate a country boy. I get quite a bit more pointing and laughing than swoons here in Cleveland.