Monday, October 1, 2012

21 to Dinner

It’s no secret that I’m single, and also no secret that I need to get in shape.  My own personal battle of the bulge has been intense, (and a battle I’ve successfully been losing over the past seven years).
Yup, I’m a victim of "Hurricane Pregnancy," and the weight it left in its path.  I’ve made pathetic attempts to shed the baby weight, but only been successful at failing. 

Here I sit, on the verge of exiting my 20’s forever; overweight, and hating every second of it.  


I have no idea how I’m going to find time to focus on shedding weight; between my insane schedules of a full time job, taking 10 college credits, being a single parent, helping my son with his own homework all the while doing yard work and grasping at every single ounce of sanity I can find to keep enough underwear clean for the both of us, I digress.

The point is, you make time for things you want to make time for, so I’ll go on record stating I’m making time to fight my battle of the bulge and WIN.

What better way to do it than to blog about it…and what better way to reward myself than to ask a guy (that I’ve fancied for a while…yes, I totally just used the word “fancied” to describe my school girl crush…It’s no wonder I’m single!) out after I’ve achieved one small success; working out 21 times.  I doubt I’ll see much of a change after 21 work outs, but I’ve heard myths that a habit takes 27 days to form.  So three cheers to the next few weeks on this journey!  Be prepared to be sick of hearing about this….

note: this is either going to be an epic fail, or a small victory...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the victory.

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