Friday, June 1, 2012

My Dilemma

Very recently, I've had the urge to do the "right thing" specifically related to a friend and her WORTHLESS ex-husband.

Why do I use such strong, negative words to describe him?  Well...first there was the fact that he beat her to the point where he was taken to jail while they were married.  Paired with the fact that he continuously tries to manipulate the kids into hating their mother.  Also, the court system with which they live in is a waste of government money, and refuses to recognize how horrible of a person this man is, hence, still forces my friend's children to spend time with their father.  He is constantly spanking his middle child, a child with special needs, a child who needs love and guidance, not to be hit (note, there have been times when I've spanked my son, I'll be the first to admit that...however, I do not have anger issues like this man.  I have NEVER beat someone to a bloody pulp because I was angry/out of control....and I was also not COURT ORDERED TO NOT HIT MY CHILDREN LIKE THIS MAN HAS BEEN)...the list could go on and on for years, really.

What is this "right thing" that has been eating at my intuition?  Well...this worthless piece of a human being has been seeing someone for about six months.  I don't know this person, and frankly, I KNOW it's none of my business...but my gut instinct has been telling me that he has hit her as well.  I've been in horrible situations of abuse before.  I know how damn-near impossible it is to recognize that you are far above the situation your abuser is putting you in.  I want to help.

Does helping entail sitting back and doing nothing?  I swear by the grace of God, this man shouldn't be allowed to live....honestly, everyone would be better off if he weren't wasting air and space.

I've also been EXTREMELY tempted to post the website on his facebook page.  I've got my ways of posting anonymously...and seriously, I think I'm going to do it...but will it accomplish anything?  Will it add unnecessary fuel to his fiery heart?  Will he keep hurting his kids?

What can I honestly do to help in a situation where I feel absolutely helpless?

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