Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1 of 21

Honestly, I feel completely like "Bridget Jones" writing about this journey, but I suppose it boils down to the good-ol' saying, "You gotta do what you gotta do."

To battle my bulge on all fronts, I have to take an unfortunate look at my diet (insert cringe faces and extreme eye rolls on my behalf...can you tell I'm "loving" this?!).

1 20oz bottle regular coke
1 felafel gyro from Dinos; with lettuce, onions, tzatziki, black olives, and tomatoes
1 side greek rice (also from Dinos)
1 raspberry bar
1 20oz black coffee with half''n half, skim milk and a shot of vanilla syrup
1 double cheeseburger from Burger King
1/2 of a small order of onion rings

Good lord, my diet sucks.  I'm ALMOST contemplating doing a calorie count of all that deliciousness, but I'm terrified.

The important thing missing?  Water.  I need need NEEDz to drink me some more water (insert my annoyance here...because, let's be real, it's ANNOYING TO DRINK A LOT OF WATER....you have to use the bathroom more, and then there's the whole "gotta get up and refill my glass for that 4th time today" blah blah blah).

Note to self: must develop more patience, especially patience in the "drinking water" arena.

Mini hike with my son's cub scouts troop - 20 minutes
Extended (more intense) walk with my neighbor - 40 minutes

My pants still feel a bit tight, but I'd say that counts as a mildly successful Day-1. 

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