Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1.5 out of 21

Well, no workouts yesterday...but I'll be dammed if I'm falling off of this bandwagon! 

Here's the FABULOUSLY EXCITING grub I stuffed in my face yesterday:

2 - 20oz coffee's
1 chocolate dessert bar; made by said coffee shop that was surprisingly decent (however, I wouldn't buy it again...go figure)
2 - 8oz glasses of water
A spicy chicken Korean dish (it was to die for, and more or less like a soup with lots of peppers and nothing was fried...yay!)
a small dish of steamed rice to accompany said soup, along with a few different small serving varieties of Kim-Chi
1/2 flat bread topped with a chicken cesar salad
1 - 16oz soda

...Again, not the healthiest....but the water was an improvement from day-1.

Last night I had a group meeting for school.  The class I'm taking requires a boat-load of small group work (lucky me!...can you SENSE the SARCASM here?!).  We met, and it wasn't as horribly painstaking as I had anticipated, but then again I wasn't able to walk or get any sort of sweat on. 

Thankfully, since I know every person in the world is WANTING and CRAVING this next tid bit of info; I've got time tonight to devote to a solid 45 minute walk.  Yeehaw.  Here's to (hopefully) staying on the right track (ha, no pun intended....track....get it?  like, the one you run on?  ok, I've obviously reached a limit on my sanity...good bye until tomorrow).

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