Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turning Back Tuesdays

Introducing: Mark

I wasn't one of those kids in high school who took trips to college's near and far to decide where I wanted to pay out my arse for a degree. I was one of those kids whose parents said "you're going to school, find one and apply...NOW!" My parents were all too consumed in their disasterous marriage to worry about taking me to the state schools or the private ones. That being said, I applied at UMD (the school everyone from the cities goes to for at least one year because they think it'll be awesome to get away from home..but it's close enough to return home if need be).

I was accepted, but had applied late into my senior year that I had been placed in overflow housing. In a nutshell, I lived in a hotel my first year of college. One would think "awesome!" but it was far from. I didn't meet the people I had expected to befriend.

My heart was back in the cities.

About a month into school, I took a trip to the Twin City campus to meet up with some kids from high school and party. When I was checking into the dorms, Mark (a boy I had gone to high school with) was the security guard. I had always had a secret crush on him. All I remember was we were in Chem together, and his icy blue eyes melted my soul.

I did what any college freshman would do. I went up to the dorm I was visiting, did four shots of 100 proof vodka, and returned to the lobby to get Mark's info.

He gave me his email...which was the beginning of many things to come.

More next Tuesday! Stay tuned...


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Pins and Needles

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I hate cliff hangers! Its just NOT fair.....lol.

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