Monday, November 10, 2008

Bachelor #1

I don't know if I should be laughing hysterically, or crying. This was just too much for me. Do you remember the Ad I was going to post? Well..I posted it. Here's the best response I've EVER received (note: copious amounts of sarcasm)

Do you (secretly) desire to be told what to do? I am a Dominant male in
search of a submissive woman who would enjoy serving and pleasing her Man in
many ways. Exactly how is something we would discuss in order to determine if we
are a match.I am interested in finding someone who knows what it is to serve or
is curious about knowing. Someone who knows that she will be rewarded when she
is good and punished when she is bad. The punishment can take several forms, ie.
no dessert, withdrawal of affection, spankings, etc.I know that you have lived
an independent life-because you've had to. You will be rebellious and difficult
and seek to thwart me. I know what to do. I am experienced and realize that
nothing worth having is easy to attain. I am up for the challenge, whatever
obstacles you may put before me.You can be a novice, intermediate or
experienced; the important thing is the desire to serve. I am looking for a
woman who understands or wants to explore her submissive side and be there for
her Man and wants to be at his command. He is interested in someone who is open
minded and willing to obey his orders. We will email, talk, meet and then I will
decide if you are worthy of my attention.Email with a picture and your thoughts
on the matter and we shall begin.



abrightfuture said...

That sounds like a super fun time and just exactly like what you're looking for!

Mandy said...

AHAHAHAHAA, I just spit out my water all over my keyboard. You should email him and tell him to check out Craig's List, perhaps he could find his submissive participant over there. Damn, now I have to figure out how to dry out my keyboard. :-)

Julie said...

Yeah, I've had a few of those as well. Lots of dominant men out there. Too bad must of them have dicks about 4" long and they hope you won't notice if your blindfolded.

Megkathleen said...

Tell me that is a joke! Who does he think he's kidding?! Are there women out there who respond to this? I am so disturbed.

Stacy said...

abrightfuture - If you want him, I'd be GLAD to forward you his contact info.

mandy - what if my ad was posted on craigslist? OH SNAP!! :)

julie - LMAO!

megkathleen - I WISH this were a joke. Whatever floats your boat...too bad this SINKS my boat!

Mandy said...

Didn't you say you were paying for a online service? LOL. I thought Craigs List was free. Some of my friends and I have looked at the Craigs List offerings for the PGH area -- they are downright scary...