Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Me...Again!

Today was absolutely liberating...and it didn't even involve SEX! In a nutshell...I was able to go out shopping, and not stick to a tight budget. It's the first time I've been able to do this since before BB came into my life. It felt fucking amazing. I purchased a lot of decorative pieces for my living room walls (since they are classic boring apartment white). I now have a cool mist, filter free humidifier, and a new collection of cds (since my other ones were stolen pre-BB). I feel like me again, and I'm ready to revamp the look of my place head-on.

On another note...A personal ad. Not me selling myself, but me being upfront with what I want. Shared thoughts are VERY appreciated, thanks!
I want a man who isn't afraid to be looked after, but isn't afraid to do the looking after.
I want a man who is tolerant and patient.
A man who isn't afraid to be silly or spontaneous.
A man who is caring, with a strong shoulder to lean on.
I want a man who isn't afraid to want a woman in his life.
A man who is embracing of where I've been, and what I have to bring to the table.
I want a man who has a sense of humor, and is willing to laugh at himself and his own mistakes.
If you aren't willing to step up to the plate with an open mind, and a willingness to communicate, don't waste my time. You aren't the man for me, and I'm not the woman for you.


Julie said...

I think your ad is perfect. Don't change a thing! And if it works, can I cut & paste it for mine? haha

Mandy said...

Love it! Can you let me know if he has a brother, or even a single father? Really, age isnt an issue for me. :-)