Sunday, November 9, 2008

TB: Case Closed

So, the book of TB has officially closed. I knew there were things about him that were testing my patience, like his lack of communication efforts...but there were also many great things about him that made me excited, and rejuvenated my hopes in having a successful dating life.

In a way, I kind of feel like I was broken up with via a post-it, although in this case, it was via IM when I wasn't near my computer.
Tall Boy: I just closed our match on eHarmony. I don't think I am ready to date yet, and I just don't think we will get along that well in the long term. I haven't been very fair to you, and I think we could be good friends, but I just don't think we are right for each other. We can meet up somewhere to talk about it if you want, or give me a call tonight later on and we can talk about it too. Thanks for being so patient with me, and I'm sorry it didn't work out better.
The light I had seen at the end of the tunnel to find a good guy is now dark. I know the dating world is filled with highs and lows, but my highs haven't seemed too high, and my lows seem to be suffocating me. The new dating relationship I had experienced and it's out-right end hurts more than I expected it too. Hmph.


Julie said...

You know what, kudos to the guy for saying something on his way out the door! Most of them don't. At least he had the balls to say why he didn't think this would work, and that he wasn't being fair to you.

Now, dry your tears. There are plenty of guys out there....

doahleigh said...

God that sucks. Really sucks. It's hard to be so vulnerable and exposed and then get hurt. But I hope you don't lose hope and that you keep trying. I need you to lead the way through online dating for me!

Mandy said...

Kudos for you for getting putting yourself out there. Dating isnt easy and takes a lot of effort. I am not a fan of the whole thing myself and quit looking. Que sera sera is my motto when it comes to guys. If one comes along great, if he doesn't I'm ok with that too. While it may hurt right now, give yourself a hug from me and dry those tears. You are an amazing woman and deserve an amazing guy!