Monday, November 17, 2008

Thoughts and Musings

I've been doing a bit of reflecting about whether or not I'm putting too much of my past out there for the eyes of the public to ingest. Sometimes, I worry that if I disclose too much, I will make myself an easy target should anyone I know in real life discover I am the author of such a riddled past.

I take comfort in knowing that the past is the past. I will write about it. I will embrace its facts. I will understand that it helps make me who I am today...but I will also sleep peacefully knowing I have grown from my mistakes. I have opened my eyes to red-flag situations, and I will continue to do so. I will continue to laugh as if nobody is watching. I will keep my eyes focused on reaching for the moon....because I know I'll end up amongst the stars

(and I will stop with the cheesy metaphoric quotes and sayings from here on out...maybe.)


I'm either uber paranoid...or my son is far beyond his years. I am under the impression that he resents me for not having a father figure in his life. Somehow, his actions and attitudes seem to hold a lot of frustration, and him proclaiming "nope" when I ask him to do a simple task...mirroring a teenager saying "eff you mom" through his smug little attitude. Baby Boy is living on his looks right now...but Mama is hanging on by a thread. There are so many "boy tendencies" I wish he had a father around for...

We were sitting on the couch together, watching the Amazing Race, and I busted BB playing with himself. I swear to god he had a baby boner. Think what you may, but WTF am I supposed to do about this?!?! Seriously! I didn't think boys were supposed to do this kind of stuff until they were teens...let alone in FRONT OF THEIR MOTHERS!

I'm befuddled.

The kicker was, he got really upset with me when I told him NOT to touch himself. I probably handled the entire situation wrong..but seriously, I'm new at this "2.5 yo boy touching himself" thing. Do I have an overly horny toddler? Is this honestly normal? What's a single mom to do???

I'm a second away from throwing my hands in the air and shouting "I GIVE UP!"


Julie said...

No, that's very normal. It's just a new part of his body that he's discovered! Don't worry about it.

I remember my son standing up in the bathtub with a baby boner at about 3 and saying "Mommy look what my pee bug can do!" He was so proud. LOL

Mandy said...

LOL, thats funny. I have no experience with little kids so can't help you on that one.

Matt said...

He is just learning how fun it is to be a man.

Hollie said...

i think it's very friend went through the same thing with her son.

And I think I've read about it in a parenting mag once....don't worry.

funny story!