Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turning Back Tuesday's

Introducing: JR

It was the summer before my senior year of high school. My father had asked if I wanted to go out to buy some volleyball shoes. On the way to the shoe store, he told me him and my mother were getting a divorce, and that my brother had walked in on my mom kissing another man.

The first shoe store we went to did NOT have what I was looking for. We ventured to another mall, silence overwhelming between my father and I. At the second shoe store, there was JR. I still didn't know what my "type" was. My only romantic experience was the vomit first kiss of two years before. There was something that intrigued me about him. I was able to order the shoes I was looking for through a catalogue JR had given me.

When the shoes arrived they weren't the right size, so I inevitably ended back up at the mall to see JR. I took the liberty of looking as cute as an athletic-never dated a boy-girl could look. We flirted, fixed my shoe dilemma, and before I knew it were going out on our first date. Soon after (like, a week...it was high school remember) we were a couple.

He was 19 almost 20, and I was 17. He was an ear to listen to, and a shoulder to cry on through some of my darkest days as my parents divorce was suffocating me.

My parents didn't like him (which, looking back, doesn't surprise me in the least).

He was my first.....First orgasm. First time...and let me tell you, it wasn't the most pleasurable of experiences because he was rather large. I don't even know if I would enjoy romp sessions with him now...too large just doesn't do it for me.

About four months (which translates to four years in a high schoolers world) into our relationship, it was time to shop for xmas presents. He told me he really wanted a kitten. I'm still unsure if he literally meant he wanted a kitten, or if JR was just saying it.

I bought JR a kitten.

JR broke up with me.

I've randomly run into JR since we dated. It's not the same, and I'm DEFINITELY alright with that.


Julie said...

LOL...ok my first thought is that he didn't want a kitten, he wanted some p*ssy! :)

Ah, first love.

Hex said...

They get away, don't they?

But there's good times and good lessons to be found in every relationship. Things you like, sizes you don't -- we learn little by little, you know?