Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll fill ya in on why I'm cursing at myself today....

My company is trying to motivate us to be health conscious. In doing so, they established a "weigh-in program." ALL you have to do is be weighed-in during a designated time by a pre-arranged trainer. Seems simple? Yup, it is. The trainer records your weight in confidentiality, and lets my company know if you came four out of five times (but doesn't disclose your weight..that's kept a secret!). You don't have to agree to workout, just to be weighed.

Today was the initial weigh-in.

I'm going to take this time to address a few of my newly acquired enemies (besides the obvious numero uno..the scale).

  2. Butter - I swear, I was Paula Dean's twin in a past life.
  3. Soda Pop - Seriously..the sweet bubbles get me EVERY TIME. I refuse to drink diet because I feel bloated (go figure) so it's the sugary goodness for this mama.

I am convinced if I can cut these three things out of my diet I'll see results within the blink of an eye. How does this have anything to do with surviving single plus one? A LOT! First, have you seen what the stores market for toddlers to snack on? BB hasn't developed enough of an appetite to make cooking fresh foods worthwhile. I am so horrible at eating leftovers, that I usually stick to smaller frozen foods because I can finish them in one sitting, rather than having to worry about reheating stuff. Also, the less healthy foods are WAY more convenient for me at the end of the day when I am EXHAUSTED.

I have also been emotionally eating a lot lately. Why? Because I'm single, feel like used goods, unloved, overwhelmed, financially on the brink of name it! One word: UGH! (I don't care if Ugh isn't a word there!).

I take solace in the fact that I love the office I work in and the company I work for. BB is healthy for the MOST part (except for the usual daycare cold/random ear infections...totally reasonable ailments).

I'm a heart attack away from wagering a war on my three newly found enemies. Hopefully they'll die out with grace and respect!!!!!!!!!!!


Megkathleen said...

I keep trying to give up soda, but it's just so tasty! I'm down to one a day...but I really don't want to give it up completely.

Julie said...

I've always been a diet pop drinker so that was never an issue for me. But ranch dressing is evil. Especially when dipping pizza in it. LOL

Mandy said...

Girl I hear you on this one! I drink diet soda and am still trying to give it up. Ranch dressing is my condiment of choice and I adore Paula Deen (and her two hot sons!).

I have been making a concious effort to lose some much needed weight. Eating things like veggies and cutting out a lot of bread. Its working but its hard.