Friday, September 13, 2013

Dancing Like Nobody's Watching {even though everyone on the roads can CLEARLY see me through my car windows}

The bass, drums, random sounds all compiling together to make up a song.  A song that could flip your mood instantaneously.  A sound that brings you back to a specific moment in time, as if you were reliving life all over again, traveling back to the future.

I really am a lucky person.  I work a day-job, and have a consistent schedule of working Monday through Friday.  The downside?  T to the RAFFIC.  Traffic becomes my morning routine.  The bump and grind, if you will. 

There are few things that prevent me from flipping the bird to my own personal hell (also known as being stuck in traffic WELL BEYOND MY CONTROL).  One of those things happens to be music.  I'm almost chuckling as I write this, because I am NOT a music officianado.  I'm a top 40's girl, be it in pop or country.  Rarely to I dive into music before the 90's.  Earlier this year, for a few short months I had access to complimentary Sirius Satellite radio; the 90's were CONSTANTLY bumping through my speakers.  Since I'm too darn frugal to pay for things like commercial free radio; I've come up with some new alternatives.

The first alternative is to blast Pandora through my cell phone.  One minor luxury with owning a newer vehicle is having USB connections, and the electronic capability to sync your phone with your car stereo...It's provided me with some great traffic-fighting music.

The other alternative is dusting off my old iPod.  I have a few short playlists with tunes that pump me up.  There's very little shame in my game; driving in traffic is no different.  The second that magical song starts its beat in my speakers I immediately begin my driver's seat tango.  I bop up and down, side to side, shout out the lyrics; I'm certain I look down-right crazy. 

Here are a few jams that put a smile on my face, and some pep in my traffic-fighting step. (note: don't judge, I already told you...I'm NOT a musically deep person)

LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem ALWAYS gets me bumpin and jumpin...even when traffic is at it's worst.  At the very least, I'm doing the drivers around me a be sure I look like a goof ball, which hopefully makes a few of my traffic-fighting patrons smile.

An oldie but goodie.  The sound of the steal drums and the visions buffet paints in your head of palm trees and paradise; can it get any better when you're stuck in traffic?  I didn't think so.

This last little tasty treat is a bit blurry (yes, I took this while driving into work...and no, I don't feel guilty about taking pictures while I'm driving; it's how I live on the edge).

Some other current favorite drive-time jams are Alex Clare's Too Close, Little Big Town's Pontoon, Sublime, and Blurred Lines (although I'll be the first to admit the video kind of disturbs me a little).  

Do you have any favorite drive-time traffic-fighting tunes?

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