Monday, March 5, 2012

The Hitch

I thrive on spontaneity. Love it, and try to live it as often as a single busy mom can....

One night, I was at home bored. Baby boy was in bed I took it upon myself to take a semi-provocative shot of my chest and email it to 21 (calm down, it was only a PG-13 cleavage shot that did NOT include my face...this chick still has an ounce of dignity after all).

The only problem? I didn't have his email address. I asked him for it, and told him I had a picture I wanted to send him since his phone didn't accept photo messages. He obliged, and shot me his email address (which included his FULL NAME).

When opportunity knocks, I (unfortunately) always answer.... OF COURSE I GOOGLED HIM PEOPLE!

And here's what I found out: He wasn't 21...nope, no sir....

He was 20. (truthfully though, I really wasn't surprised...I suppose my mom-gut instinct was screaming at me that something was off...I was just too caught up in his hotness to really pay a shred of attention)

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