Friday, March 16, 2012

Choose My Adventure

Here I sit; 29 (less than 11 months until I'm 30), single, a parent, employed and a student.

I haven't had sex in over two years (730+ days).

I can say (with a huge smile on my face) that I have kissed a man in 2012 (although, some might argue he was only a "baby" since he was the ripe old age of 20, I digress).

Peeps, I'm ancy as hell.

Do I want a relationship? Sure.

Do I NEED a relationship? Hell no. I don't have time.

Do I want to have a wild crazy session in the bedroom? Hells yes.

Do I think I can have such a thing without "over-thinking things" and becoming the stereotypical "irrational girl"? The jury is still out on that one.

On the bright side, I have an opportunity to see if I can break my current streak of living a sexless life (SCANDALOUS, GASP!). There's a guy I've been speaking with. I've known him for about 8 years (we met through softball). We've hung out once a few years back, and in that time he acted as if he needed to stay AT LEAST 10 feet away from me (perplexing, especially since we had done a LOT of email flirting prior to hanging out, I digress).

He's attractive, single, and a huge goof ball (a trait that is almost a MUST if you're going to hang around me).

I'm 99% certain he's coming over on Monday night after baby boy is in bed. So, internet, I ask you to choose how I act when he comes over.

  • Do I shove my tongue down his throat the second I open the door to break the ice?
  • Do I answer the door in some skimpy lingerie?
  • Do I just play it cool and make him make a move?

Not to sway any of you out there (if there ARE any of you out there...) but as a disclaimer, I want to have fun. I want to have balls to the wall, semi-scandalous fun.

What adventure will you choose for me? I'm all eyes.

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