Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Times...

I'll be the first to admit, I felt as if I was jumping head first into two feet of water. Here I am, a recently turned 29 year old, being blown away by a lot of unsolicited attention from a hot 21 year old. Was this really happening to me?!

The answer was clear: Yup.

I didn't need to pinch myself. I was receiving daily texts (a gesture small, but made me feel special). A guy, a young hot guy, was interested in me.

There must be a hitch, right?

After our date, he wanted to come up that weekend. I was scheduled to move into a new house, but wanted to see him I caved. I told him he could come up on Saturday night, but the catch was he couldn't sleep in my room, and my son was home so he would be introduced as mommy's friend, and that was that. To my surprise, he didn't have an issue with it.

He came up Saturday night, helped me move boxes around, and we watched a movie. We would up in my room for a short while, messed around like middle-schoolers, and he was sent on his way to the living room for the rest of the night. It was a PG-13 kind of night. Nothing too naughty happened. It was fun. I went to bed that night with a huge smile on my face.

Life was good....or so I thought.

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