Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing 21

Not only did I take the plunge at the end of January, but I also plunged myself back into the dating scene….This time, however, I approached things in a completely different light. Most of the time I had created dating profiles in the past, I had done so completely trying to sell myself, and make men realize that, although I might not look like a Barbie, I am an AWESOME PERSON SO DATE ME OR ELSE. Since that hadn’t seemed to work, and I had only been on a couple of extremely lame dates, I took the path less traveled; the path of putting very few words in the description section.


Interests – Life

First Date – Grab a cup of coffee and see what happens….

….I was very short, simple and to the point.

Much to my surprise, it kind of seemed to be working for me! I had received a handful of new messages within the first week. Sure, some were from creepy men that were older than my father, but the beauty of the internet is YOU DON’T NEED TO ANSWER (although, to save face, I answered with a polite response saying I wasn’t interested, but good luck in your search).

I think Karma finally decided to throw me a bone, because one day my inbox had a new message from someone I’ll call 21.

21 is just that, 21 years old. Since I was about to be turning 29 (gross), I was naturally very apprehensive to talk with him…He asked me what I was looking for, and I told him the truth, “A guy to go out with that will make me laugh, and whom I can have a great time with.” When I asked him what he wanted his response was literally “sex” which made me laugh. I tried to politely shoo him on his way, stating that if that’s what I was looking for I wouldn’t be online, and that I hope he had luck in his quest for his next hook up….but he didn’t go away. We kept messaging, and seemed to have clicked online. Some texting and a telephone conversation were followed up by setting up a first date.

Stay tuned…

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