Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Battle.

Daycare was closed today.

I proactively arranged for baby boy to spend the night at grandma's house.....before you get all "aww, that's sweet of grandma", grandma isn't hanging out with him today. A month ago, grandma's bf (aka, my pseudo step-father) had to have a pacemaker installed, and is forced to sit home for a total of eight weeks while his leeds heal in his sounds serious, which it kind of is.....but he's completely fine now, with only lifting restrictions....I digress.

When I got home from dropping baby boy off, I had the best intentions of being productive..I swear. Enter the couch, the Olympics and a box of lindor truffles.

I don't know why I started devouring them...but I did. I could literally hear them going straight to the spare tire that seems to have formed around my stomach region... I couldn't stop eating them. One by one. The silky smooth chocolate wanted me, and I wanted it.

And then, I felt sick.

Why did I just eat 12 servings worth of chocolate in one sitting? WHO DOES THIS?! (cough::this chick).

I'm not a little girl in the least, and never have been...but the sulking about being alone and single has got to stop. The emotional unconscious stuffing of my face HAS. TO. STOP.

Anyone have any ideas on how I should turn over a healthier leaf? I've got the tools...but the motivation to work out seems to be non existent. Weight loss is something I've NEVER been successful at (mostly because I was so athletic growing up that I never had to worry about my weight...and after I had baby boy the life of my waistline was never the same).

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AirmanMom said...

Oh Sweetie... I do understand. I had a doctor tell me to stop eating the white white flour (eat wheat), no salt(there is plenty in the stuff we eat without adding more) and no sugar (yikes!). I live by one decision at a time....first of all don't buy the junk and then it is not there to eat. I never enter the grocery store hungry anymore and I only buy what is on my list. Don't deny yourself of food you enjoy, it's truly all about moderation. Yep, I know we know these rules...that is why I decision at a time.
Keep us posted!