Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big Night.

As Friday evening grew near, my excitement began to bubble. Unfortunately, I had come down with a silly nagging cold the previous night...thankfully my adrenaline allowed me to enjoy myself.

The first time I had officially been out on the town in 2010 was NOT going to be hindered by a stuffy nose!

We arrived at a packed bar. The birthday gods that be landed the group a prime spot at the end corner...and the fun ensued. The bar was known for their color themed drinks: Greenies, pupleies, blueies and pinkies. For the most part, they were vodka sours with colored sugar added at the end to make them taste kind of like a sweet tart....did I mention they were DELICIOUS!

Most of the people who showed up were not interested in wearing white t-shirts and partaking in the fun. I (surprisingly enough) didn't let that bother me, and instead found strangers in the bar who WOULD partake.

I happened across a family from the sticks who were out celebrating their 24 year old son's birthday...of course I gave the birthday boy a shirt and OF COURSE he put it on with a smile. My drunken logic asked him if his parents wanted a shirt too...he replied there was NO WAY his dad would wear a shirt. I pranced over to his Pops, fluttered my eyelashes and within 1 second Pops had the shirt on. His son was completely stunned...but loved every second of it.

A lot of inappropriate writing ensued. Many deep, long belly laughs were had. Countless drinks slowly disappeared.
There was one situation that happened at the end of the night that left me extremely irritated...but since the night was mostly a success I'll touch on "that" another post.

A phrase I wasn't familiar with until yesterday.....The people who should've been there showed up.

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