Tuesday, February 23, 2010



I don't think I've shared this story yet...I suppose it seems like more of a doozie in my head than in actual real life.

I wanted to date. Like, really really wanted to date....so I resorted in online dating since my networking pool was slim (read:everyone I knew I couldn't see myself dating, or were in a monogamous relationship).

So, I broke down and joined an online dating website. It wasn't the first time I'd tried online dating..but my perspective felt fresh, and vibrant. I was jumping in feet first.

I don't remember how contact with Creeper began...I THINK I had a super open mind, and decided to accept his request to talk.

The moment I realized he was creepy, I politely and respectfully told him I wasn't interested. He laughed at me via messenger, and then proceeded to ask me how things were at my SPECIFIC APARTMENT BUILDING.


The dude had googled me, and found out exactly where I lived. Honestly, I went to bed with one eye open that night. The moment after I realized what he had done I googled myself, and removed myself from any and all white pages type sites I could find.

It's people like Creeper that give internet dating, and the internet in general a bad name. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around...I don't even want to imagine what Creeper has coming his way...

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