Thursday, March 19, 2009

The End of DB

I cried last night. An ugly cry. A cry that was mostly warranted. A cry that I don't think I could've prevented even if I had tried.

During dinner this past Sunday, DB asked me about a girl I used to be friends with. I responded by telling him we are no longer friends and that I didn't feel comfortable talking about it. He respected that and our conversation moved on.

Since I'm open here, I'll let you know WHY this Girl and I are no longer friends.
Long story short:
  • She's a whore and sleeps with all men she comes into contact with...honest to god.
  • We hung out with some boys in high school and I had a huge crush on one of them, Hottie.
  • In college me, Girl, and four other girls moved into a house together.
  • I ended up having a glorious, hot and steamy one night stand with Hottie (and in all honesty, I still look back on that night and smile.....)
  • The next day, I find out she had been sleeping with Hottie for a couple of years (even though he had been in a relationship) and she pretended like I had known (which she conveniently NEVER told me because she knew I would be hurt by her whore-ishness.
  • Our friendship ended. It was ugly.

So yeah, that's the story I didn't feel comfortable telling DB on Sunday.

Rewind to last night. Via text, I sent DB a casual, friendly invite to a St. Patty's dinner I was making on Monday. Yeah yeah yeah, it was the day after we had initially hung out...Whatev's. I knew I was going to have a plethora of food, and I wanted to be nice.

He never responded to my text. He never sent me a message when we were clearly both on facebook at the same time ALL WEEK.

And then, I saw it. He had become friends on facebook with Girl. I felt hurt, betrayed and used. Almost as if he had hung out with me on Sunday to try and get to Her. The tears started flowing, and the ugly crying began. He has since been unfriended. I don't feel the need to surround myself with idiots, and he, my friends, is a Grade A idiot.

My mom tried to tell me I was throwing stones at my knight on a white horse. I quickly corrected her and told her I was throwing stones at a donkey, and she need not worry.

So, as of today, I'm still searching for my knight on a white horse. I deserve more than what I've experienced today. I really do.


Mandy said...

I am sorry that you were hurt. You're absolutely right, you DO deserve so much better than this guy. Hang in there, you will find that white knight someday.

Narm said...

If he was on a donkey at least you could get some ass.

doahleigh said...

Good for you. The defriending was smart - he is an idiot and not worth your time. As for the knight on white horse thing... far from it. Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he's a knight. Don't settle lady.

SS+1 said...

Mandy - Thanks hun, you're too sweet.

Narm - Haha. I love that perspective. It goes without saying that a girl can always get a piece of Ass if she wants to!

Doahleigh - Great advice! Thanks :)