Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dinner that Was.

After the debauchery of last week...and a few facebook messages I caved in and decided to give him another chance at coming over to dinner (is it just me or does that statement sound extremely overly giving on my behalf...yeah...I digress)

The time: 6pm
The place: Mine
The Menu: Steak and potatoes (of course!)

At 5 I received a text "I'm going to be about a half hour late."

At 5:45 I received another text "I won't make it until 7."

At 5:46 I made a PBJ for myself and baby boy. I figured if I was still going to allow him over, I'd better not be hungry...mama's freaky when she's hungry!!

I went on with my nightly rituals with baby boy, and before I knew it I had him in his pj's and in bed.

He arrived at my place around 7:50. He looked amazing. Stunning. Sexy. My frustrations for his tardiness dissipated the moment we said hi (honestly, I didn't say hi...I said "the next time we hang out I'll tell you we're meeting at 4"..I'm cute like that...)

Dinner was ready within ten minutes of his arrival. When we sat down to eat I was extremely surprised how comfortable the conversation was. He was interesting and funny...and I found myself making him laugh a few times as well.

He stayed and talked until after midnight, even doing the dishes after eating (it was adorable, really!).

I still can't believe how quickly the time flew...however I'm puzzled (kind of). There was a goodbye hug..and nothing more. No plans for hanging out again. Hmph.

I think in my head I was hoping he'd go in for the kill....but I guess all things happen for a reason (I just haven't been able to figure out what that reason might be. Any suggestions?)

p.s. If you think he JUST wants to be friends I mind is kind of telling me that too. For the moment, I'm relishing in the fantasy of wishing for something more. I don't know if I'm ready to come off of my cloud quite yet.


AirmanMom said...

ss+1...things always turn out as they are meant to be! Have fun!

Mandy said...

I am glad that he made it over and that you had a nice time.

doahleigh said...

I'm sorry, but he better have had a damn good excuse for being two hours late!!

At least he helped with dishes.