Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I know a girl.

I know a girl whose mother left her when she was only three years old.
A girl whose father died when she was 15.
This girl had met a boy.
A boy who grew up in a fairly well rounded family.
A boy whose family had recently fallen apart.
A boy who was embarking in a world of drugs and chaos, but remained to shield his heart from the ugliness.
This boy and girl had a baby together, but were absolute poison for one another.
The girl played head games, using guilt as her sword.
The boy turned to his drugs to self sooth.
They parted ways.
The girl got a job, but never fully grew up.
The boy cleaned up, got a job, and still tries to grow up.
I know a girl who tries to make everyone believe she is a woman.
I know a girl who willingly sends her baby to sleep at someone else's house five nights a week and believes it's alright.
I know a boy who is proving he's a man.
A boy who loves his little girl so much it hurts, and would do anything to be home with her, but his job prevents him from doing so.
A boy who is stuck at war with himself, a girl, and the world.

...and in the midst of all of this chaos, a baby is trying to grow up.

God help this child.

note: this is not my story, but that of someone else. I wish I could help. I wish I could open this girls eyes to what being a parent is about. I'm far from the perfect parent, but one thing I know is my life is shared with baby boy. Sure, I have some time to "me"...but you surrender most of your personal time when you chose to become a parent...hence HELLO SINGLE LIFE FOR THIS CHICK. Most days I want to slap this girl upside the head.

Ok, I'll step off of my soap box now.

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