Monday, July 19, 2010



For close to a decade, I've been playing on a coed softball team. I've had a blast, really...but recently I've noticed that the team's identity (read:drink before, after and during the game) wasn't fitting into my life....after all, I'm raising a little boy...who doesn't need to be exposed to binge drinking on a weekly basis at the tender age of 4. I digress.

I sent out a message to about a dozen people saying I was looking for a new softball team to play on. A girl I've known for a while (but wasn't at the point of calling us friends) responded saying there was an opening on her work team.


I was (very) nervous the first night... Everyone was really nice, and one particular character caught my eye. Our team is super hero themed...each of us wear a different super hero costume as our jersey. I couldn't help but drool over Batman.

He was kind to me and to baby boy.
He was extremely attractive.
He made me laugh.
You get the point.

Here's the dilemma....

I feel like I'm stuck in a Jerry McGuire situation.

I feel like he likes my son MORE than he likes me. Thank God we aren't actually dating because HELLO AWKWARD if that were the case.

I've never encountered a man taking a stronger liking to my son than to me. I know I'm biased but I also know he's a great kid. Do you think it's possible for Batman's likes to shift towards me? If so, how in the world do I make that happen?! I feel like a complete rookie.

note: I totally need to get some man-action.

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T said...


I dated a guy once, who is actually a long time friend, that paid more attention to my daughters than he did to me. I loved it at first but when he began bringing over nice gifts for my children and I received nothing??? Yeah, that was a breaking point.

I have no advice. Except maybe, let your baby boy enjoy the attention and you enjoy the eye candy. Hee hee!