Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Turning Back Tuesdays

Introducing: A Breeze to Remember

I feel extremely emo right now, my mood could be closely compared to a past South Park episode about non-conformists. You know the one, I know you do...I'm too lazy to look up the link!

Yes, it's a winter funky funk. I know I'll snap out of it, and to be quite honest, the beautiful sunrise is helping...although, I SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO WATCH THE SUNRISE UNLESS I'M IN THE ARMS OF A STRONG, SEXY MAN. I digress.

SO, for today's turning back Tuesday, I'm going to attempt to keep things light and airy (no pun intended...haha, you'll get that joke if you can make it to the end of this post).

Rewind to my senior year of high school. I wanted to try something new, so I enrolled in an EMT program at a local community college. The program was specifically designed for high school seniors. The way it worked was I went to two classes at my high school in the morning, then left school to grab lunch, and spend the rest of my day in this EMT class. The class was comprised of kids from all around the metro.

Most of them had enrolled because they were interested in becoming an EMT. I did it because I thought it would be cool to get out of high school for a half day (which lasted the entire year).

During this class, we spent half of our time learning book stuff, and the other half of our time learning how to save lives. When we were saving lives we were in a room that had a simulated ambulance box, floor mats, and those lovely manikin's that had the ability to tell you how much you sucked at CPR.

On this particular afternoon, we were running through a scenario. I knelt down to begin administering CPR when I heard the most horrible ripping noise of my life. My pants had decided to split down my entire bum. This wasn't just a little rip...this was the perfect storm of rips. From the top of my waste straight through the crotch. I was frozen in embarrassment, but lucky for me, nobody had immediately noticed (at least that's what I tell myself to this day). I carefully backed myself out of the classroom, and signaled for a friend to come over. When I told her what had happened she laughed to the point of tears. I'm so happy I could make someone crack up (again, no pun intended...I'm on a roll today!).

The moral of the story? Tight jeans might make your bum look flattering in a mirror...but they're lethal if you are expected to bend at the waste.

Happy Tuesday!


Brian in Mpls said...

lol...that is classic!!

Mandy said...

Hahaha, I would have been horrifically embarassed at the time but does make a funny story.

doahleigh said...

I was pretty sure the "airy" pun meant this post was headed for a fart story. Even the kneeling down part lent itself to that direction. A rip in the pants is just as bad though.