Friday, January 9, 2009

2 T's and 1 L

I'm shaking things up a little. I participated in interviewing some other bloggers recently, and since I'm not the most creative at coming up with random-thought-provoking questions...I used google! In doing so, I was reminded of a silly little ice-breaker that was pulled out at retreats when I was a kid. Two truths and a lie.

Wanna play?

Here goes:
  1. I bought a pack of cigs, and smoked my first cigarette sober since high school in 2009.
  2. I heart running/jogging.
  3. I'm beginning to wish it was legal to marry cowboys.

What am I telling the truth about and which one is my lie?

You're more than welcome to participate as well...If you choose to participate, I am more than happy to link to your blog, just leave a comment or shoot me an email in the next day or so (so the 8 people who fancy this little blog can share in the fun!!)

Happy Friday!


Brian in Mpls said...

#2 has to be a lie who likes

Mandy said...

I am going to go with #2 being a lie as well. It sucks, its just a neccessary evil! Well not for me, because I have big boobs so I am happy with just walking.

Megkathleen said...

I'm going to guess #1 - I have no idea I'm just following my instinct.

So@24 said...

No one.

And I mean NO ONE actually like running or jogging.