Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It makes me smile.

Winter has a crappy effect of me. Particularly this time of the year. But there are a few things that slightly improved my mood:

  1. The sunrise this morning WAS AMAZING. I still strongly believe sunrises should only be witnessed from the comfort of your own bed, or when you've spent the entire night talking with someone special, I digress. It was an awe striking mix of pinks and purples...textured by the clouds, with a magical, bright, exuberant glow. It made me smile.
  2. While driving to pick up Baby Boy, I was met with the faintest reflection of daylight...peering at me from the windows of a tall building. It was a wonderful sign that the days are starting to get longer. It made me smile
  3. I settled in on a theme/idea for getting people together on my birthday weekend! My birthday falls on a Sunday (lame, yes...I know) so instead of going to the bars, and not remembering my birthday..I'm going to have a fun and silly ice skating part at The Depot! I am smiling just thinking about it.
  4. I also had the brilliant idea to invite the blogging people I know to come stay in MN that weekend...have a blogger social night on Saturday, and attend the awesome skating afternoon on Sunday. Email me if you're interested, and we can nail down some details!!
What has made you smile lately?

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AirmanMom said...

ss+1...it is so funny you mention the sunrise. This past weekend, my daughter became very ill and asked me to take the baby(almost 2 years old) for a couple days. My Bright Eyed Beauty woke at 4am, after 2 attempts of getting her back in the crib...I surrendered and we snuggled in the spare room. The light woke me, as I layed snuggled with this sweet daughter of my daughter and we watched the sun come up together, singing a silly song. I have gone back to this moment countless times, for a smile!
Nothing quite like a new day!

P.S. I really like your new layout!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog..