Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fine in 2009

Surviving Single.. That's what I've been doing for as long as I can remember.
In 2008, I did what all of my non-single friends said. I put myself out there. I signed up for an online dating website, hoping for the best, and expecting the worse. I went on so many unmemorable first dates, I couldn't even name every single guy...Most of them were just lunch. I met two different men who weren't right for me (and I knew this) but I was butt-hurt when things didn't work out.

Dating effected me. It effected baby boy. It wasn't fair.

In 2009 I'm pledging something to myself...for me, and for my baby. I'm not going to date. I'm over the dating scene. I'm happy with my life, really I am. In the words of a great blogging friend, I'm unapologetically embracing myself.

I'm not gonna lie...I've told this pledge to my friends, and I don't think they believe I can do it. I think I can, and I guess that's all that matters. In fact, I bet a friend of mine that I wouldn't date. The wager? $1. She doesn't think I'll stay date free from March through the end of the year. I believe otherwise.

I know what you think..when you stop looking someone will come along. I laugh at that, only because when I stop looking, I spend my nights at home alone. If I found a man while I was sitting at home by myself, that would be kind of crazy.

I'll keep ya posted!


Mandy said...

Isn't that a wonderful, powerful phrase? Its my new motto. I consider myself to be very my own person and don't let many people have an influence over me. But I need to stop even letting those few have that power.

Good luck!I don't think it should be about a wager or whether you do or dont do something. Just let the end result be that you and baby boy are HAPPY.

Julie said... careful with that! My best friend said the same thing...and with a week met a widowed man with three teenage daughters and is now married to him less than two years later! So much for not dating!