Friday, October 25, 2013


I am REALLY GOOD at faking it (take your mind out of the gutters).  I walk into rooms, make eye contact, smile, say hello in a voice people can hear.  I EXUDE confidence.  It seeps from my pores when I'm in public.  I'm here to tell you, the adage of faking it until you make in terms of 'being content being single because then "POOF!" the magical "right guy" will come along and knock you off your feet' is bullshit.  BULLSHIT. (and I don't feel bad for saying so, seeing as I'm drafting this on "profanity Friday").

Maybe I'm getting the entire concept of "faking it" wrong; last time I checked, to fake being happy was to do just what I've been doing....??

I smile.
I say hello.
I laugh.
I engage myself in conversations.
I ask questions and listen to others around me.
What am I missing?

After letting my last online dating subscription expire, I've swallowed a bit more pride and re-signed up for a different online dating website.  Since it's been about five years since I've done this, I'm curious to see what has changed with this service (and will be the least bit surprised if much aside from the web graphics have changed).

While filling out my freshly minted profile, I was asked the typical "pick three words your friends would use to describe you."  What a malarkey thing to ask someone.  First,  if my friends would be picking these words how in the hell WOULD I KNOW what they would pick?!  Second, barf.

On a whim I messaged a close friend, a guy, who also happens to be gay, and asked him to pick three words to describe me.  His words?  Funny, energetic, and driven.  Interesting because I wouldn't have picked those words to describe me AT. ALL.  (See?  I've foiled this stupid system already).

Here's to round BAZILLION in the online dating ring; and subsequently a bank account that is less $200.00.

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