Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Few Lists

Feeling rejected can DEFINITELY put a damper on a person's psyche...and I am no exception to the rules.

I kept faking it to myself that I wasn't hurt by Tall Boy...but I was.

Sure, there are positives that have come out of the Tall Boy saga:
  • First hot make out session in a long time
  • Fun watching a movie laying in someone's arms
  • I felt mildly attractive for the first time in 2010
  • I put myself out there
  • I stayed true to my morals

But here are the haunting negatives (dammit why is there always a "but"?!):

  • The awkward goodbye made me feel cheap
  • I went out on a limb and sent him an email a week ago...he never responded.
  • What the hell do I have to do to get a man that I'm interested in RECIPROCATE HIS FEELINGS?!
  • I feel defeated in dating because I rarely get opportunities to meet men

So, since list making mode is my forte today, here's how I'm going to turn the negatives around (I know y'all are DYING TO KNOW as you secretly roll your eyes)

  1. Awkward goodbye or not, I made out with a hottie and I loved it.
  2. It's his loss if he doesn't respond to my email. I rock. Period, the end.
  3. The right man will be the man who reciprocates feelings.
  4. I will make opportunities and soak up life to the best of my ability.

In a nutshell, no more eeyore attitude for this chick. Life is too damn short to spend it sulking.

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