Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The return of...


Friday night had come, and I had plans to be responsible. I was running my very first 5k in the morning, and knew I needed a good night's sleep. I got baby boy to sleep around 8, and settled in on the couch to watch some television. It was my way of winding down so I could turn in early. Around ten, baby boy had a bad dream as I could hear him whining. I turned the television off, and comforted baby boy back to a peaceful sleep. I decided this was a sign I should go to sleep myself. I crawled into bed, and tried to stop my head from obsessing about the day to come.

Forty five minutes later, baby boy was standing next to my bed asking for water. I sent him back to bed, but not before making him use the potty and filling his cup up for him. And back to bed I went, this time muttering to myself that I NEED TO GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!

It didn't take long before I was out like a light. While dreaming, I heard my phone ring. Honestly, at first I thought it was part of my dream, but then I realized my phone was actually ringing. I looked at the caller, and it read "Restricted." Being in the groggy state I was in, I answered.

Me: "hello"
Him: "uh....hi. Is this Stacy?"
Me: "Yes, who is this?"
Him: "uh...I might have the wrong number. Did you used to live in ____(he named my apartment complex)?"
Me: (thinking CREEPY...WHO IS THIS GUY?!) "Yes, who IS this?" By this time I was wide awake, my mind racing as I was trying to figure out who I was talking with.
Him: "Maybe I have the wrong number. My name is California"
Me: "California? California who?"
Him: "California Smith"
Me: (thinking...Smith? That sounds like a bogus name....who IS THIS GUY?!) "I'm sorry...how do I know you?"
Him: "Well...we met two years ago....you came over when I was outside partying with my brother"

And then it hit me. I was talking to California.

I can't believe he still had my number. I had long erased his because I had long ago lost hope that I would ever speak with him again. I mean, the guy lives in California, a state I have never been to, nor do I see myself traveling there anytime soon.

He went onto tell me some very nice lines. He is coming back to visit in June. "I never forget a beautiful Irish girl" were phrases he kept repeating. He spoke as if he was in love with a figment of me....\I do not view myself as gorgeous, pretty or anything closely related. I was flattered by his words, but am still having a difficult time fathoming how he could have such "intense feelings" for me when we haven't seen or spoken to each other in two years. CA also said he had a lot of people to visit while he was back here, and he'd love it if I came out with him...perhaps being his date.

I don't know. As nice as he sounds, I am COMPLETELY skeptical. If he calls again will I oblige and agree to go out with him? Sure. Do I think anything will come of this? Probably not. The most I feel I will get out of this is a good story...so I guess that's something for y'all to look forward to!

ps. in case y'all were interested...I managed to sleep the rest of the night...AND run/walk (or as I like to say ralk) the 5k the next day! I finished twenty seconds over my goal of 45 minutes...not too shabby for a girl who didn't train a minute, if I might say so myself!!

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AirmanMom said...

SS...life and 5K's are all one step at a time! Congrats on finishing the race! Keep us posted on CA!