Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Dad,

Sorry I forgot to call you back. There are only two times during my day where I feel competent enough to talk on the phone (after I drop baby boy off in the morning, and on my drive to pick him up in the evening). Last night, we spoke when I was on my way to pick him up. Once I had him, since we weren't able to line anything up during our conversation, all of my attention was devoted to him hence I forgot to call you. As for having plans last night.

Yes, originally when we spoke on Sunday I had tentative plans to meet a few girls for dinner. However, I cannot financially afford to do so, so I cancelled.

I apologize if I have seemed short lately. I rarely get a break from my life. Many times I have so many things going on that I can hardly think straight. Between your son who never fails to irritate me, your ex-wife who has good intentions but at times is very hurtful and me being the only consistent adult family member in baby boy's life, my plate is overflowing with frustration.

I would invite you over, but I don't like socializing in my house when it's a mess because I feel it's distracting. Besides, everytime I've had you over, you literally fall asleep in front of my face, and I take it personally and become offended.

I can't read your mind. Most times I feel like I'm a giant failure in your eyes especially because I never receive invites to do ANYTHING with you. I try and communicate what I'm thinking as best I can and when I'm met with sarcasm such as "Is EVERYONE supposed to know where Central Park is?" my feelings are hurt. I'm trying to go out of my way to celebrate the fact that you and your twin brother turned 60 (because frankly, it's a really big deal if not to you, to me). Is it adding to my stress when I'm met with sarcasm from you? Of course. Does it make me feel like my efforts are unappreciated? Yes. Your party is tomorrow, at the location we discussed last night. I will be running the Armed Forces 5k in the morning, and taking baby boy to a 4th birthday party after. I should be to your party (you know, the one that I organized for you) by 2.

Well...I think this has been enough of an eyefull. Hope you're having a good friday. I plan on seeing you tomorrow, please let me know if something changes.

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