Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well, folks....I've done up and done it. I'm admitted to college, set to begin classes in January....BUT....

This entire process has added roughly 1-million grey hairs to my twenty-something head. Since my former education didn't quite measure up to my new college's standards (read: my GPA sucked monkey balls), I was admitting as a student on ACADEMIC PROBATION. Yeah yeah yeah..I was young when I failed to be a successful college student, whatever, I was going back to school NOW so academic schmoschmation as far as I'm concerned.

The hoops my "probation" "required" me to go through:
  1. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or greater my first semester of school.
  2. Have a course completion rate of 75% or greater.
  3. Complete an online Academic Success Workshop.
  4. Attend an In-Person Orientation

The orientation was last night and OH MY GOD! Who, in their right mind, schedules an orientation to begin at 5pm on a weekday. THE MIDDLE OF EFFING RUSH HOUR (as you can tell, I'm not your typical "yay I'm soooooooooo excited to be going to school...yippee" kind of gal..I want to go to class, pass with flying colors, and get my degree ASAP).

Not only did the orientation start at one of the worst possible times, but it was four flipping hours long. I HOPED to POSSIBLY sneak out early but NOPE...DIDN'T happen since you had to have a stupid sheet signed off to PROOVE that you were there (psha!).

Note to self: Don't mess up college this time's a bitch to re-enroll and get your academic career back on track

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