Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Bound?


I'm a 27 year old single mother who has attempted college twice in her life (both times BEFORE becoming a parent). Both attempts left me with equal amounts of passing and failing grades....but neither left me with a bachelors degree in my pocket.

A bachelors degree...something I strongly feel will add to my future in more positive ways than not having one.

I've been wanting to return to school for roughly five years. Getting my degree has been a goal of mine, even in the midst of failing multiple classes. I thought the one looming issue preventing me from doing so was an unresolved college account to the tune of (what felt like) a million dollars that I couldn't afford to rectify.

Little did I know, my dad would help me out so I could have another shot at achieving a college degree. (note: I would be the first person in my immediate family to do so, I digress).

So, there I sat, with a (mostly) cleared up financial record (at least cleared up to the point of being financial aid eligible).

The next step was choosing my school....I'll spare you the details, but the school was chosen, and applied for.

Then, it was a matter of obtaining my previous college transcripts, and having them sent to my school of choice. I paid the necessary fees, and had the transcripts sent out (only to have one become mysteriously lost in the mail...where in the hell is Scooby Doo when I need him! I digress).

Eventually, I wound up taking a personal trip to one of my former college's to obtain the official transcript and hand delivered it to my new school of choice.

Jumping ahead of myself, I also made it a point to submit an official letter stating my past financial "issues" had been resolved, and I was actually financial aid eligible...blah blah blah.

Little did I know, the way my cumulative GPA was calculated made my application DENIED. EFF ME!#&$%#@!!!

In order for me to appeal my outright DENIAL, I have to take (and pass with immaculate effing flying colors) a reading, math and written exam.

Was returning to school a HUGE MISTAKE?! I feel like the biggest failing loser ever. I am getting burnt out with this jargon, and classes haven't officially even STARTED yet.

(Insert an extreme amount of expletives HERE).

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T said...

If it means that much to you, you will make it work.

Then again, I think you've figured that part out. Maybe the universe is just testing how BADLY you want it.

*insert other expletives*


You got this.