Monday, August 17, 2009



In the beginning of the summer I decided to play hostess, and invite people over for a BBQ. I was feeling frustrated and left out of adult activities since finding and arranging for a sitter was such a challenge. My thoughts of inviting people over were simple: No sitter needed, and everyone would know that baby boy would be involved because DUH!

The evening of the BBQ arrived and OF COURSE it rained (note: Minnesota is currently in a pretty severe drought...thanks Mother Nature for peeing on my party, I digress). The crowd was decent...about eight to ten of us...all standing outside by a small charcoal grill, gathered under five umbrellas. B$ brought two guy friends with her, which was welcomed and encouraged.

He had a quiet complexity about him. It's tough to put my finger on what exactly drew me to Penny, but consider me drawn.

We tried meeting up for coffee, but the universe was completely against us. Either he came down with bronchitis or I couldn't line up a sitter.

Penny was in a band, and was the reason I met Chi-Town (as we were out seeing his band play at the time...). The night of Penny's show, I saw a side of him that I knew wouldn't fit with me. He loves the wacky tobackie...and I'm just not that into a lifestyle that entails that. Not that it's wrong, but it's slightly inappropriate when raising children is involved (that's just my prudish two cents though).

I saw Penny over the weekend and a couple of my friends pulled me aside and said "wow...he is REALLY into you." I was a bit shocked, and didn't fully believe them. I guess he was staring at me for long periods of time...and that was enough for them to think he was into me. I thought "huh" and went along with having fun the rest of the night.

Come 1am the party made its way into the damp backyard (of course it had monsoon-ed earlier that night...and we're still in a drought...go figure) to B$'s trampoline. It was wet, and it was awesome....and I may or may not have been jumping in a dress (I was slightly intoxicated, plus the only light to expose me was that of the moon...and what better light, right?).

I hopped off of the tramp, and stood next to Penny. We brushed up next to each other a few times. Internally I was giggling.

The next thing I knew, Penny said "We're gonna take off" and with that, he was gone. If that's not a clear cut message saying "I'm just not that into you" I don't know what is.

All in all, Penny's a nice guy. No hard feelings (hahaha, no pun intended).

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AirmanMom said...

good to hear you are keeping up with friends! What is meant to be, will be!